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Aakash is the subtlest of all vibratory elements in the material world.

Aakash is a subtle dimension of existence. Without Aakash, you cannot live for a moment. Some say it is the spark of our life, the "soul". Some say its unbeingness. Needless to say, Aakash is one of the major influencers.

Here is our collection, exclusively for the mysterious and magical women who are the real gems.


Evolving from ether and air, this element is perceived as danger. Though, in the mahabhutas it is also considered as an agent of healing and transformation.

Fire may account as the smallest portion in the composition of human body, but its influence is tremendous. Without the fire burning within us, there is no life.

Dedicated to the strong independent women who can climb mountains and level down cities. Never let the fire within her die.

Kalamkari Handwoven Saree

Ajrakh Prints

Ajrakh Print Stole on Black Base

Ajrakh Stoles

Ochre Tie and Dye Saree

Andhra Ikat

Oval Jaamdani  Khadi Saree

Andhra Jaamdani

Jaamdani is an extra weft weaving art. We work with artisans from various areas of West Bengal to give you unique hand-crafted products.
Green Jaamdani Khadi Dupatta

Andhra Khadi

3 Triangles Pattern on Kora Khadi Fabric (per meter)

Andhra Khadi Fabrics

Brick Red Jaamdani Khadi Saree

Andhra Khadi Sarees

Ochre Tie and Dye Saree

Andhra Pradesh

Brick Red Jaamdani Khadi Saree

Andhra Pradesh Sarees

Traditional Assam Saree

Assam Sarees

Bagh Diamond Fabric (per meter)

Bagh Prints

Bagh Print Stole

Bagh Stoles

Naga Bags


Bags On Sale

Flower Bandhani Bhujodi Saree


Bed Covers and Cushion Covers

Green and Black Kutchhi Bed Cover

Bed Linens

Yellow Begampur Cotton Saree


Begampur Handloom Cluster is developed by Weavers' Service Center of Kolkata. It started with the aim of providing employment and support handloom. The unit today is independent and has been supporting several weavers' families. It stands not just employing weavers but for paying better wages to its weavers. It has become a model for the rest of India to follow. 

Each piece is curated keeping in mind the taste of our customers and the quality of the product. Our purpose is to give exclusivity to your wardrobe with minimal environmental impact. The concept of sustainability does not end here though. We make sure that the true value of the product is paid to the weaver for a sustainable growth. In totality, we work together for better tomorrow. 


Berhampur, a district of Odisha, popularly know as silk city of India, also produces beautiful ikat cotton sarees. We curate some beautiful cotton sarees for your exculsive wardrobe.
Cotton Saree with Indigo Temple Border

Best Selling Products

Flower Bandhani Bhujodi Saree



Grey Linen Saree


Body Care

Body Care


Mehndi Green Bomkoi Saree


Flower Bandhani Bhujodi Saree

Cotton Sarees

We are cotton and linen store for handwoven and handloom sarees and fabrics. All our products are handmade.


Extra Weft Fish Saree

Dhalpathar Sarees

Orange Dhaniakhali Cotton Saree


Blue Dobby Cotton Saree

Dobby Border Sarees

Dongria Curtain

Dongria Kondh

Patch Work Embroidered Fabric (per meter)

Embroidered Fabrics

Grey Fabric with Brush Effect(per meter)


The weave is the heart of any fabric. The weave changes the way a fabric looks. Checkout our new fabric collection.
Blue Tangaliya Saree


Ajrakh Print Saree on Blue Base

Gujarat Sarees

Dongria Curtain

Home Decor

Ikat Fabric (per meter)

Ikat Fabrics

Ikat Stole

Ikat Stoles

Maroon Striped Irkal Dupatta


Multicolored Striped Irkal Saree


Jacquard Two Way Cotton Saree


Jaamdani Half Half Cotton Fabric (per meter)


Jala is the most balanced state.

This element keeps fire from getting too hot and keeps earth from becoming too rigid. 

This mahabhuta hence contributes by maintaining peace and balance all round.

Specially for the dynamic and developing woman. Salute to her who will stop at nothing but will still maintain peace. Get your hands on our most prized possessions.



Plain Black Saree with Red Blue Pateda Anchu


Black Checkered Saree with Blue Pateda Anchu

Karnataka Sarees

Striped Single Bedsheet - Pink


Khaki Jaamdani Khadi Dupatta


Maroon Kotpad Saree with indigo Motifs


Kotpad sarees are an adaptation of traditional kotpad cotton shawls. The dyes used are extracted from local roots and the dyeing of yarn takes 15-30 days depending on the sunshine. Tedious though the sarees are to die for.
Jaamdani with Zari Linen Saree


Bright Linen Saree

Linen Sarees

Bagh Diamond Fabric (per meter)

Madhya Pradesh

Madhya Pradesh Sarees


Maharashtra Sarees

Striped Mangalgiri Saree


Mangalgiri sarees is an innovation and hard work of Lakshman rao who revived and reimagined this sarees with missing lines and missing checks in its weave. We bring you exclusive mangalgiri cotton sarees.

Metal Art

Metal Art On Sale

Checkered Narayanpet Saree


Flower Bandhani Bhujodi Saree

New Collection

Flower Bandhani Bhujodi Saree

Newest Products

Black Bomkoi Saree


Extra Weft Odisha Saree

Odisha Fine Extra Weft Sarees - Khurda

Black Bomkoi Saree

Odisha Sarees

Odisha Tie Dye Sarees

On Sale

Hand Block Printed Fabric (per meter)

Pancha Mahabhuta

The Universe is made up of two basic elements-
Matter and Ether

Matter consists of Solid, Liquid and Gaseous.
Ether consists of Space and Air.
Life comes out of interaction between Ether and Matter.
And what we call "myself" is nothing but a creation of these combined.
Our whole cosmic quest of the world and beyond starts from the point of this combination, which is known as Pancha Maha Bhoota.

Pancha Maha Bhoota consists of five elements, Earth (Prithvi), Water (Jala), Fire (Agni), Air (Vayu) and Sky (Aakash).


Red Pateda Anchu

Pateda Anchu

Big Checks Saree


Hand Block Printed Fabric (per meter)


This element is the classic representation of beginnings and ends, births and deaths, as life initiates from the ground and decomposes back to it. Just like Earth, which is stable and reliable yet constantly working and moving, this collection is for women who've always been a source of reliance and stability. We thank her for being our pillars and having our backs.

Take some time off from your hectic schedule and have a look at our collection.

Tie Dye Indigo Stole


Rajasthan Sarees

Single Cotton Extra Weft Saree

Regional Sarees

Tie Dye Red Saree


Checkered Santhal Saree




We celebrate diversities by bringing different weaves of India in one place. We work with cotton and linen fibers.


Shibori Ajrakh Saree

Shibori Sarees

Maroon Siminoi Saree


Soft Bengal Cotton Sarees

Soft Bengal Cotton Sarees

Assam Dupatta

Stoles / Dupattas

Ikat Stole

Stoles/ Dupatta



Contrast Checkered Cotton Saree

Tamilnadu Sarees

Tangaliya Kala Cotton Stole


Zig Zag Ajrakh Cotton Saree

Unbaled Cotton Sarees


Jaamdani Khadi White with Red Booti (per meter)


Light. Dry. Subtle. Mobile.

Vayu depicts intelligence, creativity and beginnings. It's transparent yet the most vital. Vayu helps keep you spiritually alive.

We bring these goodies for the intelligent and modern feminist who's second to none. Gift her this because she deserves to be pampered.

Teal Jaamdani Saree

WB Jaamdani

Teal Jaamdani Saree

West Bengal

Kora Fabric with Damroo Jaamdani (per meter)

West Bengal Khadi

Dongria Kondh Blue Saree

West Bengal Sarees


Ikat Fabric (per meter)