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The visionary

Our journeys are very interesting. We meet all kind of people. Some skeptic while others over-trusting. We try to communicate as much as possible through our blog to you. We hope that you come a step closer to knowing the people making these beautiful handloom sarees, how are they just like you and me and how are they different, what is special about them and what is not so right.


Here is another story of a positive, visionary, ambitious and extremely patient man. His name is Sharat Patra. We wrote about him around a year back. This man did not born rich but was born in a very close family. He has 3 siblings. One of the elder brothers took up a job in govt. machinery. He started feeding the family. The family too was not very money-centric. It was art-centric. The younger brothers were only into art with the focus on developing challenging designs for the new generation to learn and know. Their artwork displays intricate details of tie-dye method. One of their artwork, an 11 feet long woven fabric representing The entrance of Konark Temple as it is, took as long as 5 years to develop. Each motif is represented by a tie-dye method and not by embroidery. It is spectacular. 


We have attached some of the detailed work of this family. The family does not produce art pieces to sell but to preserve the art and cultural heritage of India. Inspired by Upanishads, Vedas, poetries, the art pieces are developed with utmost patience and love. Here is snake woven around the letters forming words to praise "Sita"'s hair. It is written by a poet from 16th century. The pattern on the cloth is exact same as the image, with the same level of details and intricacy.  

We salute these artisans who assure us that the term "Artisan" is not diluted. 

  • Post author
    Dhruv Bhanawala

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