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The "Co" of the Co Company

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The "Co" of the Co Company

Beyond Weaving  

Weaving is not just one person's job. It takes an entire family to produce a piece of fabric. More the family members, merrier it is. We have hardly been to a house where a loom is lying idle and even if it is, it would be because of lack of people, and not skills.



Here we wish to talk about a family of 4. A humble weaver and his wife along with 2 lovely daughters, though one was disabled. The weaver asked me if I thought his wife is alright. Before I could answer, he said with a smile that he loves his wife as she is the backbone of the family. She helps him maintain his cool. But it's not what he talks about, that grabs our attention. Sometimes their place talks a lot more than them. Just above the loom hang toys collected during memorable outings at festivals and fairs to the city center.



He keeps complaining about the kids fighting all the time. But we know that he not just weaves a fabric, but also weaves hopes and dreams. Being from a low-income background, treatment of a mentally ill child is almost impossible. Putting hard work behind the loom helps him dream of providing right treatment to the child. In his attempt, we see humanity struggling, but never defeated.


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