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Sitting by the window

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Sitting by the window

Just a couple of minutes back I was watching a documentary, "yoga - the architecture of peace”. It talks about how yoga, not just the physical exercise but also the spiritual exercise, helps connect us with our inner self. It talks about what it takes to be free from the fear of death. It triggered a thought within and I started relating my experiences with what the yogis had to say. I did Vipassana for 10 days 5 years back and a lot changed after that. My yoga started, inner and outer. I left my corporate job, started living my dream of working on reverse migration. A lot changed from lifestyle to inner-self. 


The documentary made me think "Was I ever close to what the yogis were saying?" Funny isn’t it. The purpose of yoga is to take each moment as it is and not interpret, judge, anticipate or react. But watching the very film triggers so many thoughts. Each one has his or her journey towards inner engineering. 


So what is yoga for you? Reading a beautiful book at your spot?

What is yoga for you? Watch the simple acts of daily chores and appreciate the beauty in it?


Photo credit: Sandeep Kriplani

Model: Vrushti Bhanawala


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