The Beginning

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Natural fibers are not just about better health for the environment, it is also about art, craft, and employment. Your choices today will decide the future of this earth. 

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    Tejashree Bhanawala


Ajrakhs, Kalamkari, Bagh, Bagru, Dabu, Bandhani, and various other printing forms have developed in India. Each one has its elaborate processes. I would not go into the depths of these techniques as our focus is not the techniques but that one ingredient that is used in excess in all the techniques, “WATER”.

The visionary

The family does not produce art pieces to sell but to preserve the art and cultural heritage of India. Inspired by Upanishads, Vedas, poetries, the art pieces are developed with utmost patience and love. 

A journey to the centre of the earth :)

Even when they use German Indigo which has just 30% natural indigo, no other place can develop that kind of a color. It was the water that they believe was the secret ingredient. Just like the gheru/ alizarine/ red color from Kutchh has no match, indigo from Akola has no match. And then they showed me several fabrics. 

World's Labour Day

Initially, we did not find shawling very difficult. The procedure was simple, shawl, filling the soil in a container, lifting the container and emptying it on the side of the Trench and then repeat. Seems simple right?!


A self-made man

He did not like this attitude and started his own business. He proudly stated that his integrity is not above money. He and his brother are in this profession for long now.

The Sceptic

Kundujee not being a tech-savvy and also business running alright did not show much interest in clicking pictures and sharing it with us. So only when we made another visit we could get some more Begampuri sarees. Continue Reading

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