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InstOffice - Collaboration

The growing economy is causing the shift in movements of people from villages to cities. Agriculture, being labor intensive and dependent on ever-changing weather, has become less and less lucrative over the years. After industrialization, our handicraft industry too plunged. This has caused a mass migration to cities. But why migrate to cities? In cities, unlike villages, where everything is people driven, all the problems of water, food, infrastructure, cleanliness, etc. are managed by govt. Thus, many people believe that the sole solution to their trouble is to move to cities where they can focus on making money and the govt. will handle the rest of it.

Though, we differ with several here. "Any problem out of the sight is not my problem” strategy makes cities not very sustainable. Gandhiji too believed that the villages should be the center of commerce and not cities. This solves several national problems like migration, unemployment, financial troubles, naxals, etc. Today cities have more people than it can accommodate. Cities are running short of the available resources. The only way out of this situation is to empower villagers. But this will take longer. And, so like us, several others are working towards making the situation better for villages as well as cities.

As and when the problem has arisen, people have tried to figure out a solution. But developing a solution and working on an idea needs an investment of time, money and space. Just the way we at The Co Company are trying to resolve this issue by working on reverse migration which focuses mainly on rural youth, InstaOffice is resolving the space issue of urban youth.

InstaOffice is doing a wonderful job of nurturing these ideators. They are one of the several co-working spaces that provide conducive environment helping ideators to focus on their product/idea. InstaOffice takes up the responsibility of running the show for the startups while the startups can focus on their product. InstaOffice is not just a co-working space. It provides events, training, and exposure to help businesses romance with new ideas and meet new challenges. We hope that organizations like these will help build a more sustainable ecosystem. We wish and hope InstaOffice is a great success. Continue reading
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